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City of Atwater, 1,2,3-TCP Mitigation

Water Treatment

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Contract Amount: $23,651,960

Project Completion: October 2021

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Design Engineer:

Provost & Pritchard

286 W. Cromwell Avenue

Fresno, CA 93711

Design Engineer Contact:

Kevin Berryhill

City of Atwater, 1,2,3-TCP Mitigation

Atwater, California

Complete potable water treatment improvements to the City’s existing water system in accordance with SWRCB Compliance Order No. 03-11-18R-014. Planned improvements (“Project”) to the water system at this time include adding centralized GAC co-treatment for three (3) existing City wells, GAC wellhead treatment at individual nearby facilities for four (4) existing City wells. The demolition of one (1) existing, decommissioned City well site is also to be included in the Project. Project work shall include both engineering design and construction services, resulting in fully functioning treatment facilities that meet or exceed California drinking water requirements for 1,2,3-TCP.


City of Atwater

750 Bellevue Road

Atwater, CA 95301

Owner Contact:

Madison Holsinger

W.M. Lyles Co. PM:

Mike Van Groningen