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Chino 1

Chino Basin Desalter Authority, Chino II Desalter Concentration Reduction Facility

Water Treatment

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Chino 3

Contract Amount: $49,434,235

Project Completion: June 2017

Chino 4

Design Engineer:

Carollo Engineers

12592 West Explorer Drive, Suite 200

Boise, ID 83713

Engineer Contact:

Brandon Yallaly

Chino Basin Desalter Authority, Chino II Desalter Concentration Reduction Facility

Jurupa Valley, California

Upgrade of existing 13 MGD water filtration plant to 25 MGD. In addition, reject flows of 1.2 MGD for the existing plant were reduced to 0.6 MGD with the new facilities. Sequential improvements were completed and coordinated with plant staff to ensure that existing facilities remained fully functional during construction. Improvements included cartridge filters, reverse osmosis (RO) feed pumps and CSM high rejection RO element membranes, decarbonators, ion exchange vessels, softened water storage tanks, a salt storage tank, pellet seed storage and feed systems, centrifuges and solids material conveyors, bag filters, sludge pumps, submersible pumps, a multi-stage centrifugal blower system, energy recovery turbines, vertical turbine pumps, transfer pumps, a storage building, monorail crane systems, a compressed air system, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, a hydrochloric acid station, chemical feed pumps and blending systems, gravity thickeners and filters, clarifiers, a pre-engineered metal building, a three-story structural steel dewatering facility, site piping, safety and security systems, and electrical instrumentation and controls with SCADA integration.


Chino Basin Desalter Authority

2151 South Haven Avenue, Suite 202

Ontario, CA 91761

Owner Contact:

Curtis Paxton

W.M. Lyles Co. PM:

Dave O’Dear