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Cawelo Water District, Conduits D & E and Pump Stations D, E & F

Underground Utilities

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Contract Amount: $18,525,095

Project Completion: June, 2006

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Conduits D & E and Pump Stations D, E & F

Bakersfield, California

This major infrastructure project expanded the District’s water recharge and recovery program, and improved its ability to deliver water to agriculture customers. Pipeline facilities installed included 12 miles of 24″ – 60″ concrete, steel and PVC irrigation pipelines and appurtenances, 32 lateral turnout assemblies and three bored street crossings. Three pump stations totaling 5,000 HP were constructed to deliver water through the new pipeline system. Canal improvements performed under this contract included a new headworks structure, a section of concrete lined canal, two reservoir inlet structures and a concrete canal check structure. Much of the work was constructed in/or adjacent to active orchards and row crops which required close coordination with landowners to minimize impacts to their operations.


Cawelo Water District

17207 Industrial Farm Road

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Owner Contact:

David Ansolabehere

Design Engineer:

Dee Jaspar & Associates, Inc.

2730 Unicorn Road

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Engineer Contact:

Curtis Skaggs

W.M. Lyles Co. PM

Pat Todd, Tom Murrary, Kevin Shigematsu