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City of Sacramento, McKinley Water Vault Project

Water Treatment

Contract Amount: $24,945,000

Estimated Project Completion: August 2021

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City of Sacramento, McKinley Water Vault Project

Sacramento, California

In Spring of 2019, the City of Sacramento awarded W. M. Lyles Co. the highly debated task of constructing the McKinley Water Vault beneath where the community baseball field sits now. While technically straightforward, this Project includes several difficult constraints that make it very unique. Fortunately, overcoming these types of challenges, which require detailed planning and problem solving, is a specific strength of the W. M. Lyles Co. team.

The McKinley Water Vault Project is a key component to the City’s long-term plan to reduce street and structure flooding during large storm events. During these large storm events, the water flows overwhelm the existing infrastructure, which causes the combined sewer to overflow into the street. At the conclusion of this Project, these large storm flows will be safely contained in the Offline Storage Facility. Once the demand on the combined sewer system subsides, the stored water will be released back into the existing system through the Effluent Return Pump Station at a controlled rate. An odor scrubber will contain and neutralize any odors before they can escape to the environment.

The Project will consist of the following major components:

  • Offline Storage Facility—A buried six million gallon cast-in-place concrete storage tank
  • Diversion Structure—A buried cast-in-place concrete overflow structure that will feed the Offline Storage Tank
  • Odor Control Structure—A buried cast-in-place concrete structure that will contain the odor control equipment
  • Effluent Return Pump Station and Valve Vault—A precast concrete pump station and valve vault that will return water back to the sewer system
  • Restroom/Mechanical/Electrical Room—A prefabricated building that will house public restrooms as well as the electrical equipment
  • Onsite Demolition/Utilities/Improvements/Landscaping—Upgrades and improvements, including new park landscaping and features, within the main project boundaries
  • Off-site Demolition/Utilities/Improvements—Pipeline and utility improvements outside the main project boundaries


City of Sacramento

1395 35th Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95822

Owner Contact:

James Yorita

W.M. Lyles Co. PM:

Reece Berger

Design Engineer:


3875 Atherton Road

Rocklin, CA 95765