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Anaergia-Rialto Bioenergy Facility, LLC, Organic Waste Recycling Facility

Alternative Energy

Contract Amount: $98,276,849

Project Completion: December 2020

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Anaergia-Rialto Bioenergy Facility, LLC, Organic Waste Recycling Facility

Bloomington (Rialto), California

Upon its scheduled completion in December 2020, the Progressive Design-Build Rialto Bioenergy Facility (“RBF”) was the first fully integrated bioenergy facility in California.  RBF will help address two pressing waste management issues in California: food waste diversion from landfills, and biosolids management. RBF will convert 700 tons per day of food waste and 300 tons per day of biosolids into renewable natural gas, renewable electricity, and class A organic fertilizer, making it the largest facility of its kind in North America.

The renewable natural gas is used as fuel to operate CHP engines (Combined Heat & Power) that generate up to 3 MW of electricity that is sold to SCE (Southern California Edison) or stored at the onsite Battery Bank. The RNG can also be upgraded and pressurized to be sold to SoCal Gas by injection into the newly constructed point of receipt. RBF also incorporated a MicroGrid Control System. This system assures RBF will maintain a secure and reliable power supply for mission critical loads for operation in ‘islanded’ mode if loss of offsite services. Lastly, all process water is recycled and treated at the onsite Fibracast Membrane Facility.


Anaergia – Rialto Bioenergy Facility, LLC

5780 Fleet Street, Suite 310

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Owner Contact:

Andrew Dale

W. M. Lyles Co. PM:

Sean MacGregor

Design Engineer:

GHD, Inc.

175 Technology Drive, Suite 200

Irvine, CA 92618

Design Engineer Contact:

Kyle Muffels