CR&R Incorporated, CR&R Riverside County Environmental Center

Alternative Energy

Phase One Contract Amount: $34,734,495

Phase One Project Completion: March 2018

CRR 3 1

CR&R Riverside County Environmental Center

Perris, California

This full project build-out is ultimately capable of processing 300,000 tons per year of organic waste to energy. The facility is being constructed in four phases and will generate bio gas from organic waste materials such as green yard waste, mixed green waste (trail mix), food waste, and FOG. Phase One work provided a complete functioning plant while the balance of the phases provide for expansion of processed volumes of organic waste to energy. Phase One included a 45,000 SF pre-engineered Receiving Building where the green waste is ground and mixed to a suitable size for anaerobic digestion. The green waste is then transported via conveyor system to four concrete anaerobic digesters that are equipped with slow moving agitators to create a homogenous blend of feedstock digesting 76,000 tons/year. The anaerobic digesters produce methane gas (approx. 430scfm) which is piped to a concrete round post digester with a flexible double membrane gas storage dome roof. The post digester gas is then cleaned up through a gas conditioning system to produce a natural gas pipeline quality equivalent. The product gas is then compressed and used for natural gas trash disposal trucks and/or fuel for powering generators to provide electrical power for the plant. Phase One provides 1 MW of power and with three future phases being planned, the total capabilities will approach 4 MW.


CR&R Incorporated

11292 Western Avenue

Stanton, CA 90680

Owner Contact:

Mike Silva

Design Engineer:

Eisenmann Corporation

150 East Dartmor Drive

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Engineer Contact:

Jeff Wehner

W.M. Lyles Co. PM

Grant Gourley