City of Stockton, Regional Wastewater Control Facilities Project

Wastewater Treatment

Phase 1 Contract Amount: $5,508,113

Phase 2 Contract Amount: $207,321,855

Project Completion: December 2018

Estimated Project Completion: August 2023

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City of Stockton, Regional Wastewater Control Facilities Project

Stockton, California

Progressive design-build construction of new influent pumping, screening, and grit removal systems; new secondary biological treatment systems; new tertiary filtration and disinfection systems; and new solids handling facilities to replace an existing oxidation pond and overland flow treatment system. Major process equipment will include large vertical turbine solids handling pumps, perforated fine screens, conical tray grit removal systems, primary and secondary clarifier mechanisms, aeration blowers and diffusers, submersible mixers, tertiary disc filters, UV disinfection system, sludge centrifuge, and associated electrical, control, and SCADA upgrades.

The work includes development and preparation of all design documents and construction of the project, including construction administration and management services in two (2) phases. Phase 1 of the work consisted of the initial design of the project and negotiation of the Phase 2 contract price and time. Phase 2 of the work consists of the final design and construction of the project.


City of Stockton

2500 Navy Drive

Stockton, CA 95206-1147

Owner Contact:

John Abrew

Design Engineer:

AECOM / WML, a Joint Venture

Project Manager:

Donald Leighton

Engineering Manager:

Gabriel Perigault

Construction Manager:

Joe Lawrence