Working at W. M. Lyles Co. will develop your project management skill at an accelerated pace. You are given every opportunity that you want to grow your career. This company has a great culture of giving employees ownership of their work and also having the “team first” attitude when collaborating.

Ben AllenProject Engineer, Central Division

W. M. Lyles Co. has provided endless opportunities along with the proper resources to take advantage of them throughout my career. They truly represent progress through performance and demonstrate a family-based culture.

Bryan CaseProject Manager, Southern Division

Having a job here at WML was a great move for my career because as my first job fresh out of college, my experience here has been filled with numerous learning opportunities. I enjoy working for this company because from the day I started everyone around me has been warm and welcoming. They all do a great job at making the work environment a fun and safe place.

Tai BrittonField Engineer, Northern Division

I initially started working for W. M. Lyles Co. with the intention to only stay a year or two. The company’s investment in its employees, high ethical standards, great working environment and emphasis on quality won me over. More than 10 years have gone by now and I still look forward to coming to work and making a difference each day.

Reece BergerChief Estimator, Northern Division

I have recently joined the New Business Development team, and from the start have been impressed with the vision our leaders have, the right mix of expertise we’re comprised of, and the great plan for accomplishing the work. W. M. Lyles Co. is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities right. They care about their clients and employees, working considerately and competently with both to enable them to succeed. They use insightful planning for growth, employ the best resources for each challenge, and continually look ahead to upcoming needs. And they maintain a corporate culture that demonstrates high ethics and values as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported, and proud of their work. We really are a family here at Lyles.

Sonja FerrisAsst. Marketing Coordinator

I have worked side by side with the Owners and it doesn’t matter if it’s getting down in a trench, or if it’s pouring concrete, they will be on the ground and in the trenches alongside you. They treat you as if you’re one of them.

Alfredo Bautista
Alfredo BautistaProject Manager