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Our Team Takes Pride in Guiding Our Clients Through the Construction Process

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Our Team Takes Pride in Guiding Our Clients Through the Construction Process

We believe building and managing your project doesn’t start at groundbreaking and end at completion when we drop the keys in your hand. Our team takes pride in guiding our clients through the construction process, from pre-construction to the startup/commissioning and closeout period.


Early, quick, consistent and accurate project specific task definition is essential to meeting a project schedule. W. M. Lyles Co. begins detailed planning on projects well before the scheduled project kick-off. Our team works with the Owner to identify any obstacles or challenges and to get the best results from your financial investment.

During this phase, our team offers planning and estimating services, address constructability issues, and offer design support. We hope to be your trusted advisor on your next project and help you through the building process.


W. M. Lyles Co. will hit the ground running on your project as soon as construction begins. We manage our projects using a proactive approach to problem solving by tightly controlling construction costs and providing realistic schedules. We will oversee your project’s quality, safety, and budget to ensure that we are reaching or exceeding your goals.


As a self-performing contractor, W. M. Lyles Co. has extensive craft experience and can provide lessons-learned about the management of small construction details that can often lead to avoiding schedule delays. Our routine self-performance of earthwork, underground utilities, Structural Steel, concrete, mechanical and process equipment work on all of our projects has resulted in development of the best craft resources in the State of California to deliver the lowest cost, highest quality and on-time delivery of projects.


When applied to the construction process, value engineering has enormous benefit for the developer. W. M. Lyles Co. will concentrate on maximizing the project’s function while minimizing cost will generate a best value selection for our clients.

W. M. Lyles Co. regularly hosts value engineering workshops that involves performing a functional analysis of the facility, obtain a better understanding of the owner’s definition of value, define key criteria for the project and present alternative solutions for the project.


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Progressive Design-Build

One application of design-build delivery is via a stepped, or progressive process (commonly referred to as Progressive Design-Build or PDB). PDB uses a qualifications-based or best value selection, followed by a process whereby the owner then “progresses” towards a design and contract price with the team (thus the term “Progressive”). We have found that this process shortens the overall project schedule due to a quicker procurement process and opportunities to utilize early work packages in the phasing of the work.

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This method allows the owner to select the design and construction team based on their combined experience and track-record. Often times this delivery method accelerates the construction process. We work diligently to facilitate a design that is in line with your ideals, and will carefully usher it through the entire pre-construction and construction phases. Clients that select this delivery method value simplicity, open communication, and attention to detail.

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Hard Bid

Often referred to as design-bid-build, this process is sequential. Once the owner selects a design team, the architect drafts plans and the bidding begins. W. M. Lyles Co. is continually the lowest-bidding contractor and will build the project according to the architect’s specifications. General contracting is a key component of our competitive advantage. This method is the most traditional where the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately. The process of selecting a contractor is generally based solely on the lowest total construction cost. W. M. Lyles Co. excels in this method because of our self-performance capabilities, strong subcontractor relationships, and market knowledge has resulted in the development of the best craft resources in the State of California to deliver lowest cost, highest quality and on-time delivery of projects. In this method, contractor input is limited in the pre-construction and design phases.

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Construction Management

With the CMAR method, our team assumes the position of professional advisor to the owner. Our team will help guide you in your team selection and we will serve as a vigilant gatekeeper for every aspect of your project from start to finish.