Lystek International, Inc., Lystek Organic Material Recovery Center

Construction of a Biosolids Drying Facility complete with a heat exchanger, furnace, drying drum, pre-separator, poly cyclone, Venturi scrubber, saturator, wet-and-dry product silos, mixer, pellet cooler, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and regenerative thermal oxidizer. Also included are structural steel platforms, beams and gates, and electrical and instrumentation.

UTS BioEnergy LLC, CEC Omnivore – Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority

The project consisted of removal of a steel dome on the existing 40′ diameter Digester #1 and then installing an inflatable diaphragm dome with associated structure supports. Hydraulic Mixers were installed in Digester #1 to increase the mixing action of the digested sludge. Adjacent to Digester #1, a concrete containment area approximately 51′ x 28′ was constructed with a 12,000 gallon fuel, oil and grease storage tank and pump to discharge to the retrofitted Digester #1. A concrete pad approximately 16′ x 10′ was constructed to mount the Sludge Thickener and pumping appurtenances. Above ground piping and valves, along with pipe insulation and heat trace completed this project. The project was funded by the California Energy Commission and was constructed for Anaergia.

UTS BioEnergy LLC, Victor Valley – Power Purchase Agreement

W. M. Lyles Co. (WML) partnered with Anaergia to Design-Build the Power Generator Project at Victor Valley Wastewater Authority. The project objectives were to operate generators on treated digester gas provided from the Victor Valley Wastewater Authority digesters and then generate enough power to operate all electrical demands for the entire plant. The project consisted of two 800 KW combined heat and power (CHP) Biogas Generators mounted on cast-in-place concrete foundations. Hot water returns and hot water supply (6″) pipelines were installed to the generators to capture heat generated from the generator exhaust and then returned back to the plant for sludge heating usage. Electrical installation included relocation of existing SCE utilities and construction of new SCE utilities to accept the power generation.