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Fillmore 1

City of Fillmore, Water Recycling Project

Wastewater Treatment

Contract to Date: $38,742,434

Project Completion: October 2010

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City of Fillmore, Water Recycling Project

Fillmore, California

W. M. Lyles Co. (Contractor) partnered with American Water (Operator) and Kennedy/Jenks (Designer) to successfully complete the Fillmore Water Recycling Design-Build-Operate Project. The new 1.8 MGD facility, which produced Title 22 reclaimed water, included flood protection levees, influent sewer pipelines, headworks, equalization basin, grit removal, MBR (GE/Zenon), UV disinfection, reclaimed water storage, and effluent pipelines.


City of Fillmore
250 Central Ave., Fillmore, CA 93015

Owner Contact:

Bert Rapp

Design Engineer:

Kennedy Jenks Consultants
2181 East Bayshore Road, Ste. 200 Palo Alto, CA 94303

W.M. Lyles Co. PM

Grant Gourley