County Sanitation District of Los Angeles, Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant Stage Five Plant Expansion

Expansion of existing 9 MGD water reclamation plant to 15 MGD. Construction work consisted of nine final sedimentation tanks, six aeration tanks, chlorine contact tank, 1.75 MG prestressed concrete digester with cleaning bed and pump stations, six tertiary filters, two dissolved air flotation units, RAS pump station, four chemical facilities, six Title 22 cloth disk filters, generator building, air compressor building, boiler house, four switchboard buildings, operations and lab building, and associated pipelines, grading, paving and site improvements.

City of Fillmore, Water Recycling Project

W. M. Lyles Co. (Contractor) partnered with American Water (Operator) and Kennedy/Jenks (Designer) to successfully complete the Fillmore Water Recycling Design-Build-Operate Project. The new 1.8 MGD facility, which produced Title 22 reclaimed water, included flood protection levees, influent sewer pipelines, headworks, equalization basin, grit removal, MBR (GE/Zenon), UV disinfection, reclaimed water storage, and effluent pipelines.